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The Halbach array structure rotor of the aero motor can satisfy the requirements of high power density and high air-gap flux for aeronautical motors. The size parameters of the rotor are determined by the power rating of the motor based on an analytic method. Producing a Halbach array structure is difficult. Comparison and analysis of the structure of the aero motor showthat the overall structure of the rotor adopts a three-axial-section classic Halbach-array hollow structure, and the rotor magnetic steel adopts a discrete structure of 4 blocks per pole and a single 45◦ magnetisation mode, which reduces the processing difficulty of the rotor magnetic steel. The finite element method was used to analyse the magnetic flux density distribution of the aeronautical motor under various working conditions. The results show that the motor can produce uniform air-gap flux density at various working conditions and present good sinusoidal periodicity. Furthermore, the axial segment did not produce obvious magnetic flux leakage. Finally, considering the eddy current loss of the stator under the rated power-generation condition with high-frequency magnetic field, we conducted coupling analysis of electromagnetic and heat flows to verify that the thermal characteristics of the rotor magnetic steel material could meet the requirements for the aero motor.
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