Review of design and signal processing of polarimetric imaging cameras

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Opto-Electronics Review








Bieszczad, Grzegorz : Institute of Optoelectronics, Military University of Technology, 2 gen. S. Kaliskiego St., 00-908 Warsaw, Poland ; Gogler, Sławomir : Institute of Optoelectronics, Military University of Technology, 2 gen. S. Kaliskiego St., 00-908 Warsaw, Poland ; Świderski, Jacek : Institute of Optoelectronics, Military University of Technology, 2 gen. S. Kaliskiego St., 00-908 Warsaw, Poland



thermovision ; imaging polarimetry ; optical system ; optical architectures ; image processing

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Nauki Techniczne




Polish Academy of Sciences (under the auspices of the Committee on Electronics and Telecommunication) and Association of Polish Electrical Engineers in cooperation with Military University of Technology


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DOI: 10.24425/opelre.2021.135824


Opto-Electronics Review; 2021; 29; 1; 5-12