New analysis of experimental data of the hydrodynamic liquid film around jet zone on horizontal plate

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Archive of Mechanical Engineering




vol. 68


No 4


Elmahi, Abdelbaki : Faculty of Mechanics, Gaseous Fuels and Environment Laboratory, University of Sciences and Technology of Oran Mohamed Boudiaf (USTO-MB), El Mnaouer, Oran, Algeria. ; Baki, Touhami : Faculty of Mechanics, Gaseous Fuels and Environment Laboratory, University of Sciences and Technology of Oran Mohamed Boudiaf (USTO-MB), El Mnaouer, Oran, Algeria. ; Tebbal, Mohamed : Faculty of Mechanics, Gaseous Fuels and Environment Laboratory, University of Sciences and Technology of Oran Mohamed Boudiaf (USTO-MB), El Mnaouer, Oran, Algeria.



sprayer ; liquid film ; velocity measurement ; projectile method ; normal law

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Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee on Machine Building


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DOI: 10.24425/ame.2021.138400 ; ISSN 0004-0738, e-ISSN 2300-1895