Three faces of balancing: the development of automatic balancing devices for shafts in motion

Journal title

Archive of Mechanical Engineering




vol. 70


No 3


Krygier, Marek : Institute of Machine Tools and Production Engineering, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland ; Żak, Paweł : Institute of Machine Tools and Production Engineering, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland ; Podsędkowski, Leszek : Institute of Machine Tools and Production Engineering, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland ; Wróblewski, Piotr : Institute of Machine Tools and Production Engineering, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland ; Podsędkowski, Maciej : Institute of Turbomachinery, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland



large shafts ; balancing device ; automatic balancing ; development

Divisions of PAS

Nauki Techniczne




Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee on Machine Building


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DOI: 10.24425/ame.2023.146848 ; ISSN 0004-0738, e-ISSN 2300-1895