Three-dimensional numerical study of the behavior of thermoelectric and mechanical coupling during spark plasma sintering of a polycrystalline material

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Archive of Mechanical Engineering




vol. 70


No 4


Kriba, Abdelmalek : LR3MI Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, Badji Mokhtar - Annaba University, Annaba , Algeria ; Mechighel, Farid : LR3MI Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, Badji Mokhtar - Annaba University, Annaba , Algeria ; Mechighel, Farid : Energy and Pollution Laboratory - Mentouri Brothers University - Constantine, Algeria



stress ; strain ; numerical simulation ; powder ; thermoelectric and mechanical coupling

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Nauki Techniczne




Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee on Machine Building


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DOI: 10.24425/ame.2023.148126